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100 days of war by Angelika Zayika

100 days of war

Today is 100 days of war. 100 days as the Ukrainian people, the Ukrainian army resist the attack of russia and defend our territory and freedom.

How do we hold up?

1. Russia had no idea who it was attacking. It didn’t know the level of training of our military, it didn’t  think that civilian Ukrainians would take arms and fight with them, it did not imagine the degree of support and supplies of new weapons to our country by our friends, with which one soldier could destroy 20, 30, 100 or more opponents.

2. We have the best men and women in society fighting in the war. And it's such a pity, because there are a lot of losses and we are losing the best. Look at the pictures, look at the videos of Ukrainian soldiers. They are trained, stately, beautiful, intelligent people. But russia has sent the trash to fight here. That's really true, and there's a lot of information about it. For example, where a small, bent soldier runs out of an apartment and takes out a toilet! The toilet bowl! Underwear (and they don't take white underwear) and so on. Their level of training is minimal. They give away their bases and locations. When it was winter, they would just freeze to death from cold and hunger because food was long overdue (even after World War II). But when individual trained battalions (it's a good thing they don't have many of them) took over our cities - they just raped and killed civilians. 

3. There are many foreign legions fighting for us. And thank you very much for that!

4. Russia can bomb and the most vulnerable place is airspace. But we have an air defense system in big cities. But even that is not enough. Our soldiers shoot down planes with newer planes and newer equipment. Of course, this is a vulnerable place, so we have asked and are asking for the sky to be closed to us. Russia's bombs and missiles are very old and can do not detonate. Thank goodness they have a lot of budget money for the army stolen.

And many other answers to the question of how we hold up. But please understand that every day we lose so many of our guys. And it's very scary. We just want to live in a free country.

Angelika Zayika

Angelika Zayika is a Ukrainian Policy expert, manager of economic and legal. Expert in negotiation, public communications, legal drafting, and advocacy.

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