A Victory Plan For Belarus

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By FTN Editorial Team

PLAN VICTORY – published by NEXTA Network 

Dear Friends,
before you is a general strategic plan of how we will return power to the people and achieve the fulfillment of 3 popular demands. This is an extremely important text. And tomorrow we will begin to describe in detail all the tactical actions that relate to this plan.


In a peaceful way, create incredible pressure on the regime so that in the end 3 popular demands are implemented:
 Leaving Lukashenka, as well as holding new free elections
 Release of all political prisoners
 Fair trial of all those guilty of murder, torture and beatings of Belarusians


On August 9, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya won the presidential elections, who promised to hold new free elections if elected. The absolute majority of Belarusians voted for it. From here begins a turning point in the history of modern Belarus.

Lukashenka, security forces and officials blatantly rigged the elections, after which they killed at least 4 civilians. Thousands of other Belarusians have been tortured, beaten, raped, detained and arrested. Many of them returned with crippled health and psyche. Svetlana Tikhanovskaya was forced out of the country with the help of KGB threats.

From that moment on, a new Belarus was born, to which the absolute majority of the people belong. And there are invaders who cling to power in horror with blue fingers.


On the initiative of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, a Coordination Council (CC) was created, which is authorized to be a negotiating platform if the invaders decide to negotiate on the fulfillment of popular demands.

The Coordinating Council was joined by 600 worthy people of the country who are determined to ensure a peaceful return of power to the people. But the invaders were so scared that they immediately began to put pressure on the leaders of the Coordination Council.

Belarusians create conditional “fronts” to resist the invaders, and conditional “ministries” to build parallel mechanisms of social life.


Considering that we are in the majority, it is time to think much bigger. The energy of millions of free Belarusians must be united and directed to specific points of resistance. We will conventionally call these points “fronts”.


– Weekly National Sunday March
– Chains of solidarity, access to areas, creative and creative actions
– Strikes of workers and employees of all kinds: from Italian to full-scale
– Strikes and actions of state employees: teachers, doctors, athletes, state media workers
– Strikes and student actions


– Withdrawal of deposits from state banks, complete ignore of any of their services
– Delayed or non-payment of taxes. Salaries in white envelopes, work without checks (if possible)
– Refusal from food and clothing that is produced at state enterprises. Maximum focus on the private and foreign market.
– Delay in payment of utilities. Pay the required minimum and wait until the last.
– Refusal of the private market to work with government agencies and security forces. No service for the invaders.


– Expansion of the Telegram sector. Create accounts for your parents and grandparents, subscribe them to the main news channels.
– Distribution of news in other social networks and messengers: VK, OK, Instagram, Viber.
– Formation of news in leaflets, distribution of them at the entrance and in the area.
– Total ignore of compulsory subscription to state newspapers
– Creation of thematic video and photo content. Start channels in Telegram on topics that have not yet been covered (for example, regional).
– Support independent journalists and bloggers, help create time-consuming content and investigate.


– Carrying out the procedure for recalling the occupation deputies. Moreover, you did not choose them.
– Mass withdrawal from all organizations of the invaders: the Belarusian Republican Youth Union, pro-government trade unions, take children from the pioneers and the Octobrists.
– Ignoring all activities of the occupiers. Do not go yourself and do not advise others to attend “voluntary-compulsory” pro-government meetings.


– If you were detained, record everything that happened to you. Tell journalists and human rights activists about this. Write down all the details and names of those invaders who betrayed their people so that nothing will be erased from memory.
– Help investigate those killed and maimed. Collect the full names of all those involved in the current events: punishers, investigators, prosecutors, judges, forensic experts, officials. If you have photos and videos, transfer them to bloggers and journalists, save them securely.
– Help identify the punishers and establish those involved in the atrocities. We will make it so that they cannot hide under their black masks.
– The identified persons of punishers, occupiers, forgers and accomplices must be known throughout the country. Hang up their orientation in the area of residence, let all people know who their neighbor is.


– The Diaspora has already shown its strength. It should unite, create your own organizations and private foundations to support Belarus.
– Unite around Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, surround her with support, join the work of her team.
– Reporting the truth about what is happening to the governments and citizens of all other countries. The world needs to know how Belarusians are fighting for freedom. Translate news, create digests and inform the planet.
– Lobby the interests of our people and prevent the invaders from receiving money to suppress protests. No credits or support for the regime from the international community. Find contacts with politicians from other countries and break through the Belarusian agenda.
– Help with shelter those Belarusians who are forced to leave for safety. If possible, arrange for medical rehabilitation for severely tortured and beaten victims.


How can we coordinate actions on the fronts and work in specific areas? How can we ensure the safety and return of the present President Svetlana Tikhanovskaya to the country, as well as new free elections?

BELARUSIAN PEOPLE’S RUCH (BNR) / BELARUSIAN PEOPLE’S MOVEMENT is simply a designation for the whole wave of awakening that began this summer. Every group of like-minded people who goes to protests and works for change together is already part of the BPR.

We suggest using Telegram to unite with your friends, colleagues and relatives. Create a coordination chat of your personal BNR group, choose fronts that are close to you, and then start systematic work in the chosen direction.

Establish contacts with other groups, coordinate and, if necessary, combine actions or forces. Follow the rules of information security, support local leaders you know, or become leaders.

The BNR’s GOAL is to achieve victory on all fronts and return the legitimate President Svetlana Tikhanovskaya to the country, hold new fair elections and achieve the adoption of a new Constitution.


If the task of the fronts is to fight the occupiers, then in parallel with this we need to build our own mechanisms and services that will serve and help the people directly, bypassing the occupiers. For convention, let’s call them “ministries”.


– creation of services based on bots in Telegram that allow you to buy currency, farm products, order services and goods directly from each other.
– popularization of the idea of using ad sites and “flea markets” as their own market system
– Creation of white lists of businesses: cafes, restaurants, individual entrepreneurs, companies and businesses that are not seen in support and cooperation with the invaders.
– Creation of black lists, which will include all private traders noticed in cooperation and support of the invaders.

– the work of Solidarity foundations that support victims of repression and dismissals
– your targeted assistance directly to those who have suffered, need help or are on the front lines, including journalists
– creation of mutual aid funds in regions and small towns
– a human rights and legal direction, which will deal with helping everyone against whom the occupiers are conducting administrative and criminal prosecution
– creation of bots, sites and services for finding work and hiring honest people who lost their jobs under pressure from the invaders
– service of mentoring and retraining people for new specialties


– Assistance in rehabilitation and restoration of health to victims of punitive actions
– Providing psychological assistance to all those in need who have suffered mentally from all the recent events
– Supporting our heroes-doctors, providing them with everything they need to work


– Those taxes that you do not give to the invaders should be addressed to those in need. Support your parents and grandparents, help retirees in your entrances or those who have a financially difficult situation
– We do not forget about orphans, invalids, nursing homes and everyone who needs our help.
– The charitable vector has not gone anywhere. While your taxes were spent on bonuses to punishers and the purchase of flash-noise grenades, the whole world was still collecting money for sick children.
– We take care of your neighbors, who can lose their jobs due to the impending collapse of the economy destroyed by the occupiers.


– Creation of groups of volunteers who will monitor the suppression of provocations during marches and protests.
– Creation of local law enforcement forces in your area, which will suppress the provocations of the occupiers aimed at destroying cars and property of citizens.
– Creation of reconnaissance groups that will record the identity of the punishers in order to describe their actions and de-anonymize

Choose by yourself (or with your BPR group) ministries and directions, after which you will be actively involved in the work on building a new Belarus.

This is only the basis of the plan, it will be constantly updated, and every detail will be published in the form of detailed instructions. You can easily adapt it for yourself and your specific situation.

We are confident that if millions of Belarusians direct their strength and energy to the right points, that autumn will definitely be the last for the regime of the occupiers.

Send this plan to all your friends, create your own BNR groups, choose areas of work, and involve everyone around you. And then the power will definitely return back to the people.

Long live Belarus!