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The authoritarian menace 💣⚠️

POLITICS — The Right-Wing Authoritarian Threat to Europe – Atlas Network for Right wing authoritarianism is a threat to liberalism in Europe. Timbro, a member of Atlas Network like FTN, has mapped it out.

MEDIA — Engagement killed the editorial star – Tobias Rose-Stockwell for The Mission: Engagement as a metric for editorial decisions bad for facts in online news.

SHARING ECONOMY — Guess who's coming for dinner – Sophia Harris for Of course there is a dinner segment in the sharing economy. You can book a table with people who will cook for you at their home.

FOOD — You're as cold as ice – Echo Huang for Less mess: A chef in Japan accidentally discovered how to make ice popsicles that keep their shape longer despite the heat.

AI — Hive mind – Dom Galeon for “IBM researchers achieved a feat that could improve how artificial intelligence systems learn through a ton of data. Instead of running deep learning algorithms using just one server, they managed to make it work efficiently on multiple servers.”

GENDER — Sounds of silence – Sean Collins for “Diversity is not a matter up for intellectual debate in Google and elsewhere, and that’s why it is embedded in codes of conduct – note how Google fired Damore specifically for violating its code of conduct.”

ECONOMICS — Do as I preach – Alex Tabarrok for A study shows: Some people support income redistribution only to their own benefit, while more compassionate people would give voluntarily.

CULTURE — Growing pains – Becky Barnicoat for Cartoon characters from our childhood days have changed quite a bit. But not in all cases.

Photo by Nicolas Cool on Unsplash

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