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Belarus: From Venezuela with Love from Rodrigo Figueredo feat. Freedom Today

Belarus: From Venezuela with Love

In Belarus people have been taking the streets for weeks against a dictator who is trying to suppress the protests with all the harshness of the state apparatus. Despite all the reprisals against the own population, they behave peacefully during all protests.

The picture linked in the tweet was taken last weekend. This photo was taken by Nadia Buzhan in Minsk and has been shared thousands of times on social media.

Inspired by the photo and the peaceful protests in Belarus, Rodrigo Figueredo, a well-known artist & human rights activist from Venezuela, painted a picture in solidarity with the people of Belarus.

Rodrigo: “The people in Belarus suffer from a dictatorship just like the people in Venezuela. Stand firm and never give up the fight for freedom. Love is stronger than hate!
This picture is for all free people in Belarus”

Rodrigo Figueredo, is an artist, a political analyst and a social media influencer, he has spent his life defending human rights, freedom of expression and democracy. He also writes opinion articles on Freedom Today.