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Don't robotax me, bro ?

Photo by 3888952

#ECONOMICS — Don't robotax me, bro! – A tax on robots would reduce labour productivity and thus wealth. For industrialisation 4.0 to become a success, we need open markets and many capital owners. Alexander Fink & Kalle Kappner crunch the numbers for Freedom Today Network

#CRYPTO — The crypto-prince – He is behind the next big step in blockchain innovation. Claire Brownell portrays Ethereum developer Vitalik Buterin for

#DEBATE — “The box helps” – Thinking outside the box is bull. Josh Spector makes the point on Medium.

#FREEDOM — It's the culture, stupid! – While Liberty nerds can talk endlessly about institutions and arrangements, Freedom needs — first and foremost — culture. Robin Koerner argues the case at the Foundation for Economic Education

#PHILOSOPHY — Sit down and think – We're too busy to think. That's bad. André Spicer takes a time out at Aeon

#ARCHITECTURE — De-Corroding – The Romans built sea walls that were re-enforced by the usually destructive sea-water. Thanks to chemistry. Kirstin Fawcett for Mental Floss 

#SPACE — Starstruck – Astronomers can now confirm what happened to the first stars. Ross Pomeroy reports for RealClearScience

#CULTURE — Winamp's decline – Whatever happened to the beloved MP3 Player WinAmp? Cyrus Farivar found out for

#HEALTH — This little piggy – Why do we have pinky toes? Sally Zhang for Popular Science.

#FUN — Snakebites – Bill Haast injected himself regularly with snake venom and lived more than a 100 years. Messy Nessy Chic snatched his story.

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