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The fountain of youth 👶⛲

ETHICS — Immortailty is all I seek Francesca Minerva & Adrian Rorheim for The promise of eternal is more real than ever. This makes the ethical implications also more real than ever.

DEBATE — Nananana… I can't hear you! Elaine Ou for In the case of the Google engineer, that criticized the gender orthodoxy, “it appears that the ideological echo chamber extends beyond Google’s campus”.

MEDIA — You're doing it wrong Conor Friedersdorf for If most media didn't even attempt to accurately report on the “Google Manifesto” regarding diversity, how can they expect to have a positive impact?

SCIENCE — Triple gold Peter Rüegg of ETH Zurich for A new version of genetically modified rice contains multiple micronutrients, rather than just one, overcoming a limitation of early modified rice plants.

ENERGY — Is the tank still full?Hannah Ritchie for Spoiler alert: We will probably never run out of fossil fuels.

ENVIRONMENT — Bottle of bullTim Worstall for Recycling is good. But there are cases when it is too expensive and doesn't yield any environmental benefit.

POLITICS — Trouble in the CaucasusKatie Shoshiashvili for Russia is constantly threatening and bullying Georgia. Why we should care.

SPACE — To boldly go Patrick Caughill for Nigeria's first satellite has reached in Space and serves as a reminder that Africa's progress is fast, bold, and – unfortunately – mostly unnoticed.

POLITICS — Merkel it is, Schulz it ain't Charles Collard for “For as long as Germany is economically and politically strong, there will be no drama and there will be no change: Merkel will remain chancellor.”

AUTOMATION — Like an aircraft carrier. But for deliveries.Andrew Liptak for Amazon is laying the foundations for mobile bases that serve as automatic hubs for delivery drones.

CULTURE — Bodypainting with lightHayato Ando with a video on This stunning visual art performance shows how far motion detection and computing have come.

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

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