Imprisoned for freedom

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By FTN Editorial Team

Georgian people fight for a well-earnt and shortly stolen achievement, proportional electoral system, but the verdict of “Georgia’s wannabe Putin” and his puppet judicial system is bittersweet. 


On November 14, the ruling party MPs rejected a bill that replaced the electoral system from majoritarian to proportional. Demonstrations diffusively renewed and outraged people gathered in front of the parliament to protests the ultimate humiliation and fraud, since the change in the system was publically promised by Georgian Dream after over 90 days protests starting in June.


Georgian opposition parties simultaneously came together and created a common action plan. Their meetings were joined by protests organizers as well. Rapid untypical unity brought a new agenda to Georgia’s political forecast. Georgian Dream left alone, every other political and social power demanding early proportional elections to be held by the transitional Government.


As long as none of the other peaceful demonstrations was alarming to the ruling party, on Monday, November 18th, Parliament was peacefully picketed by protesters to restrict MPs to enter the parliament building. Known for violence government sent heavily equipped special forces aiming the dissolution of the picket. Like the previous times, innocent people got arrested and illegitimately got sentenced to administrative imprisonment. 


Are you wondering who is the government aiming at? The youngsters who work for freedom every day, devote their dear time, weeks, months and seasons to a better and freer future of Georgia, people who sponsor these rallies and most importantly, people who deliriously love freedom. This is whom corrupted, big governments are afraid of the most, people who are free and who know that “A government is the most dangerous threat to man’s rights: it holds a legal monopoly to on the use of physical force against legally disarmed victims.”


Thankfully, those victims will be freed over the next two weeks. What kind of box of chocolates do the Georgian protesters prepare for the government is to see very soon. 

You never know what you’re gonna get.

By Katié Shoshiashvili

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