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L’état c’est moi 👑 🇺🇦

POLITICS — L’état c’est moiMariia Chaplia for Ukrainians are two years away from parliamentary and presidential elections. Realising what is at stake, President Petro Poroshenko, whose party holds the pa....

ECONOMICS — Big leap forwardEsteban Ortiz-Ospina for Is globalization an engine of economic development? Spoiler alert: yes.

SOCIETY — VacanciesRuth Fowler for The precarious relationship between AirBnB, hosts and guests.

INNOVATION — The sound of her voiceSteven Levy for Apple is at the front of an accessibility revolution that allows to stream sound from smartphones directly into a hearing nerve interface, overcoming deafness.

AI — Understanding AIDaniel Huttenlocher for What is AI? And what is it actually capable of? A few answers.

HEALTH — Forever young Christopher Wareham for How can life-extending treatments be available for all? Not by banning them for some.

POLITICS — After the fire Video on The islamist terror state of ISIS will likely collapse. But what comes after?

HOW TO — On this keystone I shall build Dan Sanchez for Would you like to adopt better habits? The most efficient way of doing so is to first focus on what author Charles Duhigg calls “keystone habits”.

ENGINEERING — Wet and wild Matt Schur for The history of the Super Soaker is a tale of engineering, culture , and great fun.

SOCIETY — My robot friend (with benefits)Sarah Knapton for Sex robots have their cons and pros.

Photo by Paweł Furman on Unsplash

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