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Lights, camera, smoke! 💡🎥🚬

FREEDOM — Lights, camera, smoke…Bill Wirtz for There is a bar in Prague where you can smoke after the ban. Except it's not a bar, but a film set and you become an actor to visit.

BUSINESS — GaplessThe Economist: The “gender pay gap” practically disappears, once you account for all relevant factors, such as rank, tenure, experience and more.

DIVERSITY — That's not how any of this works.Kate Conger for An internal discussion paper is making the rounds at Google: “Discrimination to reach equal representation is unfair, divisive, and bad for business.”

ENVIRONMENT — The policy isn't settledDavid R. Henderson and John H. Cochrane for The appropriate policy response to climate change is still an open question.

HEALTH — We can fix themSarah Buhr for For the first time, US scientists have corrected a genetically inherited heart mutation in embryos using CRISPR.

ACTIVISM — Keeping up with the RussiansSean Gallagher for The web tool “Hamilton 68” allows you to keep tabs on the Kremlin's ongoing efforts to influence public opinion in the United States and elsewhere.

ECONOMICS — Reaping what they sowedDan Mitchell for The Baltic nations are profiting from the liberal policy decisions they made after communism's collapse more than 20 years ago.

CRIME — When the sh*t hits the fanKevin Reeve for You may never experience widespread rioting and looting. But it doesn't hurt to know how to respond.

HISTORY — After the fire…Clive Aslet for French archaeologists have discovered a “little Pompeii” — the remarkably well preserved remains of an entire district of an ancient Roman town south of Lyon.

CULTURE — White as snow James Parker for Progressive rock was never meant to last.

Photo by Bared Volsca on Unsplash

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