Maduro’s Regime controls young people through education

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By FTN Editorial Team

In Venezuela, not only the main industries have been taken or highly regulated by the State, education has also been the victim of a totalitarian project that aims to manufacture a mass of serfs, while pursuing any individual with critical thinking.

My name is Franklin Camargo and I’m a young Venezuelan who was expelled from his university (on January 25th) just after exercising my freedom of thought and expression, due to my strong opposition to communist indoctrination held by professors and authorities on behalf of the current socialist and corrupt regime led by Nicolas Maduro.

It should be noted that this practice is common in national and experimental universities in Venezuela, in my case, I was in a class of Physiopathology, which ended up being a deepening of twisted ideals by the teacher.

After witnessing the deviation of the purpose of the class I raised my voice, so I received abuse and unfounded accusations from the teaching staff and the authorities of my faculty. The fact of being critical and demanding my rights, earned me a criminal treatment, just for not agreeing with the indoctrination and refuting the fallacies that were wielded in favor of the Venezuelan totalitarian regime.

Of course, that day was not the first time they sought to collectivize minds, previously the Dean of the university had already argued that Surgeons should change the Hippocratic Oath by a Socialist Oath. That day, I meditate What kind of attack against my integrity am I willing to endure? And I put an end to it. I did not allow them to continue conditioning my principles and convictions, even with the costs that this entailed, such as being physically threatened, accused of being a terrorist and putting an end to my university career.

“When the government controls the education of all our children, they have a dangerous and illegitimate monopoly to control and influence the thinking process of our citizens”

Michael Badnarik

Every group that seeks to dominate, all tyranny and collectivist movement that aims to perpetuate itself in power, needs to control the minds of its citizens. This is the most effective way to enslave. Thus, they do not need too many prisons or weapons, individuals obey as men without reason. They will force, repress, steal from others, and everything, by taking away their ability to think.

How do you get to the point where men abandon reason? How can a group of men afford to dominate the consciousness of millions? Where is the key in breaking the ego and self-esteem of a population? Killing their ideals, ending their integrity, destroying aspirations and capabilities to emerge. After that, the individual will not be able to think or judge. They will obey without barriers. The lever for it? The education. Yes, socialize education.

A socialized education is the tool for the socialist end, it acts symbolically as chains that it will submit to anyone. With this socializing medium at any time, culture or society, materialize the collectivist principle that allows injustice, persecution and hatred towards individual and independent minds seeking, of course, to realize a totalitarian system where we have to live under silence and fear. Socialized education is a trap for naive people, and I use that adjective because I want to have faith in individuals, or at least most of them.

Education controlled by the State is an almost indisputable policy in my country, it is accepted as an ideal that promises paradise on earth and its failure is the famous inefficiency of the current rulers. They accept this idea because it is not really discussed what education is with its objectives or the nature of the administrator. They are not interested in discussing it either. Receiving something for free, for many, is already a victory.

For this reason, I ask myself: What is education? Education is the process of teaching young people how to use and develop their mind. It is preparing individuals to acquire knowledge that, in addition, they obtain by their personal effort. When education is controlled by the State, it will be the process of indoctrinating minds. Naive individuals consider that the State is only responsible for constructing buildings and this is not the case. The state provides taxpayers with buildings, classrooms, chairs, professors, cleaning staff, books and, in addition, will also provide the content that will be taught, teachers will teach what the State decides and the way they prefer, i.e. , the students will learn what the rulers in turn, based on their interests and ideological parameters, want to introduce into the minds of young people.

What we are talking about ia socialized education under a free education label, and for free it has absolutely nothing. What we call free education, is an education paid in a tax and inflation. Does free education really benefit the poor? The poor don’t end up in a classroom studying, they end up working and paying taxes to finance the studies to others. It is neither free nor does it benefit the poor.

From here, you can evaluate different effective public policies aimed at facilitating the study of the most disadvantaged, but not controlling education (unsuccessful and dangerous idea), but from funding systems, scholarships or vouchers to promote the ability. Never education in the hands of the State.

That is why the separation between the State and education is required, just as there is a separation between Church and State. Education is an economic good, it must be commercialized, be competitive and generate its own resources so that it is effective and sustainable over time, administered by private entities without political interests, since those interests corrupt the objective of education.

By Franklin Camargo 

Franklin Camargo is an Volunterr at EsLibertad Venezuela