Manifest of the United Resistance

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By FTN Editorial Team

Maduro’s dictatorship has exhausted the democratic paths to resolve the crisis in Venezuela. The opposition has also exhausted the electoral and negotiation channels. This 2021 begins at a crossroads that inevitably leads the Venezuelan people to understand that the only possible solution to their ailments and sufferings is to remove the international organized crime gang that has appropriated the State institutions in recent years from power. The time has come for constitutional and legitimate rebellion, for the use of force by the people and of all the national and international support forces that can resolve the severe crisis of our population. Democracy has always required sacrifices and this time it will be no different.

The various resistance groups, unions, and political, military, and exiled organizations have agreed to jointly propose a strategic route that will lead to organizing a general uprising against the ignominy in which Venezuela has been sunk. Under this strategic route, the target of all opposition policies must lead to the recovery of liberty and democracy. It then becomes unfeasible to share “some spaces of political power”, local, regional, or national since they represent a form of legitimation of the dictatorship and contravene the general objective that the population has assumed today as their own.

From the united and organized resistance, we propose to unite the entire libertarian opposition around this objective, through citizen rebellion as the only and final instrument of social and political redemption. This objective forces us to put aside the differences that separate us, from ideological to personal, with the aim of applying force in a single direction. It is not about straying from the constitutional path. Rebellion, as an established universal and constitutional right, must be expressed in all possible areas of the struggle for liberty and democracy.

For this to occur it is necessary to combine all possible efforts, from internal to external, peaceful or not, in order to build the necessary force to overthrow the dictatorship. The struggle of the workers, the students, the unions, the producers, the businessmen, the citizens in general and of the political parties; must converge in a single and massive response that finally will acquire an organized, unified, and sustained form; until reaching the strength goal necessary to conquer the final victory.

The negotiated scenarios have brought failures and unforgivable setbacks to the struggles that Venezuela has fought in the last great battles. Our resistance forces were always in the front row of the struggle, from the keyboard to the escuderos, suffering casualties, prisoners, exiles, and displacements, not with the aim of negotiating or being recognized, but of conquering liberty and democracy for the country. Today our path is revendicated, given that the electoral and negotiation channels or agreements, under these current conditions, have been exhausted. We do not deny all forms of participation as a principle, but participation cannot be related solely to suffrage, as established in articles 5 and 70 of the current constitution. Today the participation of all is required in the construction of a force that will make real use of its power until the objective is reached.

We call on the citizens of Venezuela not to rest until they succeed. The patriotic soldiers are obliged to accompany their citizens and contribute to removing the criminal dictatorship. It is a duty and an ethical, moral, and constitutional obligation that they can no longer evade. All opposition forces are called to join this route condensed in articles 333 and 350 of the Constitution, which will end with the total displacement of the dictatorship and all its components, all of whom are recognized as part of organized crime.

This January 3rd we start the rebellion. Progressively all the components of society will rise. The opposition leadership has an extremely clear and specific mandate, the result of the successful

Popular Consultation of July 16th, 2017 and ratified in the Popular Consultation of December 12th, 2020: To evict the dictatorship from power using the necessary mechanisms. Venezuela, be strong, this is the beginning.

There will be no rest until liberty and democracy are achieved! #LaResistenciaEsLibertad (#TheResistanceIsFreedom) LaR – January 3rd, 2021