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Newsletter 2017-05-19

#SHARINGECONOMY — SafariSource: the Airbnb for Safaris cuts out the middle-man

Providing consumers with an actually tailored product, SafariSource in itself resembles Airbnb through its website and its concept. Our contributing Editor Bill Wirtz reports on our brand new Freedom Today Network website.


with things going as they are, Tesla is poised to become a electric car monopolist. Raul Hernandez reports for Business Insider.

#AI — Only in Japan

Japan's answer to Google Home and amazon's Alexa home assistants is unmistakably … cute. James Vincent reports for The Verge.

#ENERGY — Hot in here

The Paris agreement is not the proper answer to tackle the fallout of climate change. Bjørn Lomborg opines for Project Syndicate.

#PRIVACY — Just because im paranoid…

If you want to keep your data safe and your browsing habits private, funnelling everything through your own VPN is one of the best things you can do. Jim Salter explains for Ars Technica.

#CRYPTO — Quantum leap

Satellite based quantum cryptography has seen its first proof of concept. Clive Emary reports for Real Clear Science.

#PHILOSOPHY — It's the end of the State as we know it (and I feel fine)

Futurist Ray Kurzweil thinks that the internet has tipped the scales so far that nation states will be soon overcome. Dyani Sabin for

#AI — Sharp AI

AI based systems are able to spot signs of autism earlier than humans. While this is no cure, it makes treatment easier. Anna Vlasits reports for Wired.

#FUN — “Bho8otteeddeeceul”

This is what happens when you let an AI name guinea pigs. Yo read that right. Rae Paoletta reports for Gizmodo.

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