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Newsletter July 4, 2017: Your hardest breakup

#FREEDOM — Your toughest breakup – The state is like an abusive partner. Time to break up. Bill Wirtz makes the case at Freedom Today.

#LEGAL — Sinking the censorship – A Brazilian judge overturned the ban of a satirical website. An important step for speech rights in the biggest South American country. Raphael Tsavkko Garcia reports for Global Voices

#SCIENCE — Brainiacs – Brain enhancement will start to appear everywhere. And they will enhance our lives, says Duke University neuroscientist Mikhail Lebedev. Karla Lant reports for Futurism.

#POLITICS — Stand your ground – When confronted with torrorism, everyone is a first responder. The Czech Republic now wants to enable citizens to arm and protect themselves. Ilya Shapiro reports for

#DEBATE — Boot the bigots – Libertarianism is no excuse for moral indifference to racists and other bigots. Bigotry is anti-libertarian. Adam Bates rants on Facebook.

#INNOVATION — Putting the reality in AR – Augmented reality (AR) is already improving workplaces worldwide. Here's how. Ryan Pamplin for

#ECONOMICS — Unpassport the the world! – The world is half as productive as it could be because the passport regime hinders free travel. Tim Harford reports for the BBC.

#NATURE — Solar waste is a thing – Solar power is all fun and games. Until the panels turn into toxic and hazardous trash. Jemin Desai and Mark Nelson for

#BUSINESS — Pipe dreams – It's easy to lose track of Elon Musk's activities. Bloomberg has a animated, blinking, puzzling infographic.

#HEALTH — Enjoy the silence – Take some time out and enjoy the silence everyday. You won't regret it. Dan Pedersen on Medium

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