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Maduro regime kicks german ambassador out

The socialist regime of Nicolas Maduro declares the German ambassador Daniel Kriener "persona non-grata"

The socialist regime of Nicolas Maduro declares the German ambassador Daniel Kriener "persona non-grata" and gives him a period of 48 hours to leave Venezuela.


The regime's decision is based on the argument that “Daniel Kriener” Ambassador of Germany (together with other Ambassadors) unduly meddled in Venezuelan internal politics, when he went to receive the Legitimate President of Venezuela Juan Guaido at “Maiquetia Airport” on March 4, when Guaido came back to Venezuela from his tour to Latin America.


This situation creates a pulse at several levels, national and international. First, in the national because this contradicts the position of Juan Guaido who said in the past that the governments of foreign countries should no longer respond to the Maduro regime as illegitimate and that their actions and decisions are inappropriate.

As a precedent case of the US Embassy, to which the dictator had already given orders to evict and leave the country to the officials that was not obeyed. In a second place from the international point of view, Germany not only does not recognize Maduro and Juan Guaido as legitimate authority but also the country with the toughest position against the Venezuelan regime in the past Security Council of the UN where he went even beyond the position of the US openly calling for an intervention, this without a doubt was also a reason that pushed the regime to make such a frontal and strong attack on the representation of Germany.


At the moment that I write these lines, the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani, invites through a tweet the President in Charge of Venezuela Juan Guaido to go to Europe, where he would be "received with open doors in the European Parliament" in a clear position of solidarity with Germany and the dynamics of legitimate government and transition towards Democracy that Guaido represents.

In my opinion, Germany should not bow to the orders of an unelected murderer and socialist dictator, but should continue to leave his ambassador in Caracas. This should be done by all western countries, because otherwise the West has almost no diplomatic possibilities and also no attention to the crimes of the Maduro regime.


Freedom for Venezeula! 

by Rodrigo Figueredo

Rodrigo must live in exile because of the Maduro regime in Venezuela


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