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What will be the legacy of the New South?

Once again, the eyes of the nation, and indeed the world, are transfixed on the tale of the American south.

The dust of the violent and deadly clashes in the streets of the college town of Charlottesville between right-wing and left-wing fascists has settled and self-reflection has begun.

For many around the world, the American south remains an odd place with many strange rituals and a bewildering anachronism in the form of a glorified Confederate past.

How ‘unschooling’ Opens New Ways of Education to Children

Remember school? Long and painful hours of disheartening top-down teaching from a professor who knows very well that none of his students have any interest what so ever in the subject at hand. Public schooling leaves an undoubted mark on people, and with drop-out rates at a record high, we need to fundamentally rethink schooling as it is. First, let’s dive into how we got here.

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