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We should consider increasing private policing

Last month, the Daily Mail newspaper in the United Kingdom published a viral story about a private police force which has proven to be very effective. The company, TM Eye, is lead by former Scotland Yard senior officers, and has a conviction rate of 100 per cent. The key: this police force has been taking on offences which state police officers are too busy to crack down on, including fraud, missing persons, theft or stalking, but also murder and rape.

We get it, you should have bought Bitcoin

The monetary value of today's Bitcoin jump might be monetarily equivalent to a week of your labour, but in reality you have a very different relationship with money made from investments than money made from hard work.

Phone cameras have become little helpers in engaging with law enforcement

Remember when the first mobile phones came with integrated cameras? A revolutionary concept to many people, which begged many to ask the question why a camera was necessary in a mobile in the first place? Didn't we have proper cameras for that. And indeed, the first phone cameras didn't really prove to be very effective.

How awesome are Doctors Without Borders?

Doctors without Border, often known under its French name Médecins sans frontières (MSF) is an international NGO which seeks to provide medical support in regions struck by crises, including war, natural disasters or epidemics. MSF is currently operating (literally and figuratively) in 60 countries around the globe and also engages in the provision of medicine and medical research.

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