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We get it, you should have bought Bitcoin

The monetary value of today's Bitcoin jump might be monetarily equivalent to a week of your labour, but in reality you have a very different relationship with money made from investments than money made from hard work.

How awesome are Doctors Without Borders?

Doctors without Border, often known under its French name Médecins sans frontières (MSF) is an international NGO which seeks to provide medical support in regions struck by crises, including war, natural disasters or epidemics. MSF is currently operating (literally and figuratively) in 60 countries around the globe and also engages in the provision of medicine and medical research.

What will be the legacy of the New South?

Once again, the eyes of the nation, and indeed the world, are transfixed on the tale of the American south.

The dust of the violent and deadly clashes in the streets of the college town of Charlottesville between right-wing and left-wing fascists has settled and self-reflection has begun.

For many around the world, the American south remains an odd place with many strange rituals and a bewildering anachronism in the form of a glorified Confederate past.

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