Still no electricity in Venezuela – The situation is getting worse

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By FTN Editorial Team

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Friday 6:24CET
After more than 20 hours, the situation in Venezuela has dramatically worsened.

In Venezuela, it came on early Thursday evening to a large-scale power outage. 20 hours later, the power failure is still not resolved.According to our confirmed reports, large parts of the country are still without electricity. In Caracas, the region Miranda State, etc., there is still no electricity.

This results in serious consequences.
Hospitals struggled to get back-up generators running, businesses shuttered and families anxiously tried to contact loved ones amid Venezuela’s worst-ever power outage Friday, raising tensions in a country already on edge from ongoing political turmoil.Much of the nation of 31 million people was still without electricity as the blackout stretched into a second day and patience began to wear thin.

Almost all of our contacts which we have on the ground in different places of Venezuela tell us that the battery of their cell phones is coming to an end. So they can not communicate with their friends and relatives anymore. Of course, the contact with FTN will not be stable for the next hours or days.  The mobile phone network has been very poor since the power outage and communication in general is very bad. 

Socialist dictator Maduro ordered schools and all government entities closed and told businesses not to open to facilitate work crews trying to restore power.

From reliable sources, we hear first reports of looting.

79 (extraoficial) directly related deaths in hospitals, because of lack of electricity

Saturday 3:15am CET

Juan Guaido calls on Twitter for Saturday for nationwide prostest against the darkness and the responsible Maduro regime. 

“Tomorrow I call all the Venezuelan people to express ourselves massively in the streets against the usurper, corrupt and incompetent regime that has put our country in darkness. The cessation of the usurpation will be the cessation of darkness.”


Saturday 9:30am CET 

new power outage hit Venezuela on Friday at 4:25 am CET after electricity was restored to several areas of the country following a blackout lasting more than two hours, this on the heels of a major electric power failure the day before that has lasted for almost 27 hours. The new blackout shows that authorities still have not fully resolved the power failure, which – according to the Nicolas Maduro regime – was due to “sabotage” orchestrated by the political opposition with the help of the United States. Areas where power had allegedly been restored are now without electricity once again at last report.

Millions of people suffer under this conditions

Saturday 4:50 pm CET

In the residential buildings, the drinking water supply fell out, because the water is distributed with electric pumps. Many people could not even shop anymore, because in Venezuela there is a shortage of cash and even bread is paid electronically with a card. Chaotic conditions also continued to prevail in the hospitals. Most clinics do not have generators or use them only in emergencies. In the largest morgue in Caracas, the cooling systems failed. “We can not accept any more bodies,” said one employee.

Venezuelan leader Juan Guaido on Saturday will lead a rally in the capital of Caracas. Police were deployed on the Caracas avenue where the opposition march was planned. The Socialist Party has called for a competing march on Saturday. Demonstrators on Avenida Victoria in the Venezuelan capital pushed against the shields of riot police, who later withdrew from the area.
Security forces have deployed in large numbers in the city ahead of planned rallies by supporters of Juan Guaido. Police units and members of the National Guard gathered at several intersections, wearing helmets and carrying shields and other anti-riot gear. Several columns of security forces moved on motorcycles.

Sunday 11am CET 

Venezuela’s leader Juan Guaido on Saturday announced a nationwide march on Caracas. Brandishing a loud speaker, Guaido told thousands of supporters he would embark on a tour of the country before leading a nationwide march on the capital.
“Once we’ve finished the tour, the organization in every state, we’ll announce the date when all together we’ll come to Caracas,” said the 35-year-old leader.

Sunday 10:30pm CET

72 hours now on Blackout!
Venezuelans have been forced to rummage through bins for food and queue to charge electronic devices using a solar panel after the country was hit by a fourth day of blackouts today.
As night fell, the power across much of the country – which first went off on Thursday – was still not on. Opposition lawmakers and aid groups warned Sunday that an unprecedented nationwide blackout in Venezuela was causing a rising number of deaths, as citizens struggled for a fourth day to find food and water and hospitals were paralyzed. US Senator Marco Rubio said on Twitter “Unimaginable tragedy. Heartbreaking.”

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