What do you know about Leopards? I know they are needed

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By FTN Editorial Team

Now everyone is especially animatedly discussing the transfer or not transfer of Leopard 2 tanks by Germany to the Ukrainian army. This topic is now really very important for Ukraine. And long preparations, negotiations and doubts about the transfer of this type of weapon to Ukraine naturally affected the general opinion about the ability of Germany, in particular the government headed by Chancellor Scholz, to objectively quickly respond to the situation in Europe.But after all, the Leopard 2 tanks could really change the course of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine and bring a significant superiority of the armed forces of Ukraine over the troops of the invaders.

So, of course, we had to have tanks even before the beginning of the large-scale offensive of russia, that is, on February 24, 2022. If the tanks and the rest of the necessary offensive and defensive weapons were in the Ukrainian army earlier, at the very beginning, or better before the beginning, the rushes would have saved many lives of civilians of the military, saved the cities, villages and infrastructure of Ukraine from destruction. There would not have been brutal murders in Bucha, Irpen, Gostomel, Borodyanka…

In general, I have a rather ambiguous impression of the reaction of the German leadership. The same applies to the German community. But those people who understand, see what is happening and really want to help, do not always have the opportunity, let alone such a scale as the state leadership, to help so powerfully. I have never been to Germany personally (I hope to fix that in the near future), but I personally know people who, from the very beginning, have been doing much more than many to help Ukraine. Parliament has its own diplomatic limitations and fears of falling out of favor with an aging gnome from the moscow swamp. But that’s delusional. We have been standing against him for almost a year shoulder to shoulder across the country.  Everyone is in their place. We pay a very high, incomprehensibly high price for that. We pay with the blood and lives of our people. We have already paid for them with tens of thousands of lives of our people. And now imagine if we had reliable, powerful and courageous partners at the beginning of the war, even more so during it – would this war still be going on? Of course not. Would there be so many casualties and destruction?  No. So, to the question of whether my attitude towards Germany has changed – yes, it has. I now know for sure that this country, as a player in world politics, is quite weak and indecisive. But the people who live there are willing to crawl out of their skin to help, so that the dwarf dies on his feet in a puddle of his own shit.

Regarding support or non-support for Germany’s decision, in my opinion, opinions in Europe are also divided. In my opinion, there are two points of view on this issue. The first is the state official point of view of every EU country and other states around the world. And the second is the opinion of the public, the thinking majority of all these countries. And these two points of view do not always coincide. I have heard on the news and from people calls to “stop Scholzing and start Leoparding” finally. The entire court urged not to be afraid and not to delay this decision. Losing dependence on moscow’s hydrocarbons, Europe and Germany, in particular, gain their own independence, the development of alternative markets and alternative sources of energy. And friendship and negotiations with terrorists only lead to an increase in pressure and the number of victims in a geometric progression. Therefore, Europe and the world were and remain in solidarity with the conviction of the need to stop the legitimization of killings in Ukraine, by providing weapons to the Ukrainian defense forces, at least within the limits and conditions of the Budapest Memorandum. Entering into the same agreements, Ukraine at one time lost its defense capability at the level that we now strongly need. Because one of our neighbors, who acted as one of the guarantors, decided to invade my country.

Germany appears as a developed and powerful EU country. In general, being a leader means being the first in making key decisions as well. Regarding the provision of protection to Ukraine in particular. So, at the beginning of the war, Germany was one of the first to hand over 5,000 helmets to our military. This is not bad, of course.  But what are those helmets against ballistic missiles, artillery and aerial bombs? Nothing.  In the amount of 5,000, the leader had to transfer at least heavy weapons and ammunition to it. If there is already an agreement, as a NATO country, there is no way to help destroy the rashists in another way. We understand this, but also, this… One and a half thousand kilometers from Berlin, the russians are massively killing people and destroying cities – and the leader is a little worried about this pretext… The leader must prove his position with deeds and not with concern.

In my opinion, for so long Germany hesitated to transfer these Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine or not to transfer it because they are really, I mean Chancellor Scholz in particular, is really afraid of putin’s reaction to his actions. 

And of course, these delays in decision-making have a very bad effect on Ukraine as a whole and for the world as a whole. Because that pitiful scum, from the moscow swamps, thus asserts himself as the so-called leader of the so-called country, and as the great and terrible future ruler of all of Europe, and even the world.

And in the end, as it turns out, the opinion of people in Ukraine is also changing. There is an opinion that people in Ukraine think somewhat differently and talk about the snail-like decisions of the German government. But, you know, in our reality, in my opinion, better late than never. We have been living here for a year to one day, February 24, 2022. But – who but us? I don’t want to exaggerate the importance of what is happening in my country now, but I am firmly convinced that if we had broken down, if Ukraine had not resisted – russian tanks would have been right at the borders with the EU, having destroyed more than one country. Also, let’s “do less Scholzing and more Leoparding” together! We all need this victory over the executioners from the moscow swamps. Thank you for your help to the German people and the government for now. But come on guys, hurry up!

Glory to Ukraine!

By Oleksandr Tymoshenko

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