What’s really going on in Venezuela – Jorge Jraissati

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By FTN Editorial Team

We did an amazing interview with Jorge Jraissati, the President of Venezuelan Alliance

Questions in the interview:
– How is the situation right now in venezuela?
– What happened when Hugo Chavez took power?
– What happend when Chavez died and Nicolas Maduro became the president?
– How is the influence of Cuba in Venezuela?
– How can cuba has so much influence in Venezuela?
– How is the Russian influence in Venezuela?
– What would you say to people like Bernie Sanders or AOC?
– Was it no real socialism…like always?
– Did US sanctions destroy Venezuelas economy
– Is the low oil price the reason for the crisis
– Whats going on right now with Guaido?
– what can u tell us about the demonstrations in 2019?
– What happend during the LiveAid Event?
– What can you tell us about the blackouts?
– What happened during the huge demonstrations in April?
– We saw pictures of soldiers torturing ordinary citizens. What do you know about it?
– What do you know about soldiers who have switched to the citizens?
– How many people are leaving venezuela?
– How is the situation in the society?
– Would you support an US miliary intervention?
– Is venezula the new drug hotspot in Latin America?
– Who are the international supporters for a free Venezuela?
– How does the future of venezuela look like?

Jorge Jraissati had to flee from Venezuela, among the most followed and recognized young political figures of his country, Jorge speak out about the human rights violations of the current Venezuelan regime, the results of socialist economic policies, necessary reforms and, most importantly, the ongoing fight for liberty in Venezuela.