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Fear and loathing in Jordan 😱 🇯🇴

Today: Jordanian rap, debate culture, Venezuela, welfare, AI training, the Franco-British Union, Ikagi, coral reefs, and octopuses.

CULTURE — On the far side banks of Jordan – Aman Madan for Jordanian rapper Emsallam Hdaib talks about LGBTQ+ rights, freedom of expression, and resistance.

GENDER — The progressive Omerta – Nick Wingfield for A precise and balanced writeup of the developments sorrowing the Google gender gap controversy.

DEBATE — Creating an insurgency – James D. Miller for “The firing of James Damore over his “Google's Ideological Echo Chamber” memo will empower the tech alt-right.”

RELIGION — The hunger games – Allison Braden for “Faced with their country’s insecurity, Venezuelans are making intensely personal choices about their faith and where they can turn for help and comfort.”

DEMOCRACY — Farewell welfare – Brink Lindsey for A suggestion to “roll back the welfare state, not by complaining about it, but by outcompeting it”.

AI — It's all fun and games – James Vincent for Computers playing challenging computer game is a useful testing ground to teach AIs new skills. For example: Starcraft.

HISTORY — Entente extra-cordiale – Dominic Tierney for During WW2 France and Britain almost united into one country. “The Franco-British Union is an extraordinary near-miss of history.”

HUMANITY — Purpose and Meaning – Laura Oliver for The Japanese concept of “Ikagi” helps many to live for over 100 years.

ENVIRONMENT — The 6 Million Dollar Coral – Kyle Frischkorn for To save reefs under adverse conditions, scientists are suggesting to genetically engineer super corals.

PHILOSOPHY — Octopus, ergo sum – Olivia Goldhill for Octopuses are very likely conscious beings. Which raises the question: What makes humans so special?

Photo by Wilson Szeto on Unsplash

Submitted by Daniel Fallenstein on 11 August 2017