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The iPhone at 10 ??

In our Newsletter for June 30, 2017: iPhone, iPhone, iPhone, technology, cyborgs, drone gardening and waypoints.

Happy Birthday, iPhone!

The first iPhone was released on June 29, 2007, so today marks the tenth anniversary of what is perhaps the most revolutionary consumer product ever introduced, and one that (along with the smartphone) has probably done more to impact the lives of ordinary people and in the process change the world more than any previous consumer good in history.

10 Years Young

Flying lifesavers ??? 

Newsletter 2017-06–27 — Drones, robo-buses, military, "bro-cos", quotas, sex in space, a private city, the Middle East, and war.

Drones can save lives in situations like Grenfell Tower

On the 14th of June, a London apartment block by the name of Grenfell Tower, based in North Kensington, caught fire. In this horrible tragedy, 79 people are presumed to have died from the fire or asphyxiation, even though the fire brigade was tirelessly working on bringing the situation under control. Bringing a 24-storey building under control is a horrifyingly difficult endeavour, even more when it comes to helping victims to escape the fire.

This stronger, lighter steel could soon end up in cars

A new method makes it possible to create high-strength, lightweight steel on an industrial scale, potentially making way for its use in vehicles.

Researchers have developed a new processing route which allows low density steel-based alloys to be produced with maximum strength, while remaining durable and flexible—something that has been largely impossible until now.

Vehicles made of stronger and lighter materials are safer for drivers, emit less CO2, and consume less fuel—and more malleable steels would allow manufacturers to form car parts into streamlined shapes.

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